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This blog deals with issues such as the role of the English language in Norway/Scandinavia today (with particular focus on the political and aesthetic consequences of the choice of language(s) in Norwegian/Scandinavian popular music), and translation between English and the Scandinavian languages (with particular focus on song translation).

About the blogger:

My name is Annjo K. Greenall and I am professor of English language and linguistics at the Department of Modern Foreign Languages at NTNU in Trondheim. I am also a song translator and a jazz vocalist.

Click here to listen to the title track of my album ‘Eg vandrar langs kaiane’ (I cover the waterfront), a collection of songs from Billie Holiday’s catalogue that I have translated into Norwegian nynorsk (Norway’s minority standard language variety). The album also contains translations of the songs ‘Don’t explain’, ‘I’ve got my love to keep me warm’, ‘Please keep me in your dreams’, ‘Them there eyes’, ‘Lover man’, ‘Good morning, heartache’, and ‘Fine and mellow’.

Musicians: Annjo K. Greenall (vocals), Bjørn Alterhaug (bass), Kåre Kolve (sax), Ernst Wiggo Sandbakk (trommer), Vigleik Storaas (piano).

The whole album is downloadable from iTunes.

If you would like a physical copy, please email me at:


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